Family Ministries

Vacation Bible School is a long-standing tradition at First Congregational Church. Every summer VBS is a great opportunity for children from our church family and from the community at large to spend a few days getting to know one another, participate in Christian-centered activities and just have fun.

At First Congregational Church, Confirmation is designed to provide the foundation for understanding an individual’s faith as well as laying the groundwork for their continuing life journey. The participants are generally in late Middle School or early High School. The term confirmation comes out of the opportunity for young people to publicly confirm their own faith. Following confirmation studies, some of the participants choose to become church members, but that isn’t a requirement. In many ways, proclaiming one’s faith is the first adult spiritual act that an individual will undertake. Confirmation sessions are designed to introduce Christian beliefs, thoughts on God, and church history. Confirmation also serves to help the students prepare their own faith statement as a guide for applying their faith in the world around them.

The National Association of Pilgrim Fellowship (NAPF) and Heritage of Pilgrim Endeavor (HOPE) Conference is our church’s annual conference and mission trip. NAPF is for youth who have completed 8th-12th grade and HOPE is for young adults post high school through age 26. The NAPF/HOPE Conference allows teens and young adults to meet and bond with other young Christians from around the country and to share their faith in a fun-filled atmosphere. The conference offers meaningful worship, speakers, and small group time to help teens and young adults grow and connect. Community service and mission work is a very important part of the conference. Service projects in recent years have included home improvement projects, cleaning up parks, and assisting area food banks and other nonprofits.