Church boards

Board of Deacons: assists the ministers of the church in overseeing most aspects of the ministries and programs of the church.  Deacons strive to promote a relevant and effective church life and a friendly atmosphere.

Board of Endowment Fund Trustees: responsible for the oversight and management of the Church Endowment Fund. This fund was created to enhance the future of the church and to be a continuing resource to help maintain, restore, and replace structural facilities and tangible personal property when necessary and to fund other projects that would not be possible using the church’s normal stewardship, benevolence, and social ministry efforts and procedures.

Board of Trustees: responsible for the management of the business affairs of the church. It manages the collection and disbursement of all revenues needed to carry out the budgeted programs of the church. It maintains care and custody of all physical property (real and personal), none of which shall be used for other than church purposes, except by action of the Board of Trustees or the church membership.

Church Committees

Children’s Ministry: responsible for the coordination of the religious education program of the church involving children from the ages of pre-school through fifth grade atmosphere.

Church Life: determines the need for special events to enhance fellowship and nurture church membership.  Responsibilities include coordinating social events and programs to benefit the membership, working with the appropriate board or committee to promote these social events and programs, and directly sponsoring such events and programs in the absence of such board or committee as a sponsor.

Ladies League: exists to enable the women of the church to find their niche within our fellowship and participate in its service.  The Ladies League continues the rich tradition of assisting with church programs to serve the cause of Christ in our community and throughout the world.  It supports the different needs of women and offers opportunities for fellowship, service, and enrichment.  Membership in the Ladies League is automatic.  All-female congregants are considered members.

Music & Fine Arts: initiates and supervises plans and activities relating to the arts ministry of the church.  This group is tasked with nurturing and sustaining an arts program that enriches the aesthetic dimension of spiritual experience at the church and in the community and exploring all forms of artistic expression to give the spirit voice in the hearts of the church’s members. This committee supports all services of the church including, but not limited to, Sunday sessions and related activities, weddings, and funerals.  The Music and Fine Arts Committee seeks to sustain the highest possible artistic values to honor the purposes of the artwork and to attract both artists and congregants to the church.

Stewards: assists the officers and ministers of the church in the smooth functioning of the church and its ministries. Stewards are responsible for greeting worshipers and assisting with worship services, providing for the coffee hour after the worship service, and facilitating a congenial, comfortable, and helpful atmosphere before, during, and after worship services.

Stewardship: responsible for and is crucial to the growth and development of the church.  Its primary responsibility is the annual acquisition of membership financial support to meet the budgetary needs of the church. It is on the success of the work of the Stewardship Committee that the plans, hopes, and overall effectiveness of the church depend on the fulfillment of its program goals. 

Youth Ministry: helps the Youth Director with the educational and service opportunities for the youth (Grades 6 – 12) in order to promote fellowship, education,  and spiritual growth among the youth.  Its responsibilities include counseling, guiding, assisting, and supporting the Youth Director and teachers, helping to enlist teachers as needed, providing the selection committee with guidelines for any scholarships to be awarded to youth, and assisting, as needed, in service projects and youth activities.