Philosophy & Covenant


The vision of the First Congregational Church of Mansfield is to create a thriving faith community that engages all ages in vibrant spiritual life. Our philosophy is one of intellectual and spiritual freedom in which members are encouraged to cultivate their own relationships with God.

To this end, we seek inspirational worship experiences that integrate thought-inspiring sermons, thought-provoking Christian education, uplifting music, and the arts. We nurture caring relationships among our members and wish to serve the larger community through hospitality, friendship, music, and laughter.

We, the members of the First Congregational Church of Mansfield, covenant together in a shared belief that Jesus revealed God as being present among us: showing God’s intentions for us, unfolding God’s hopes for us and expressing God’s love for us. We, therefore, embrace the ways and the teaching of Jesus and seek their fulfillment. To that end, we commit ourselves to create a church fellowship that will reflect God’s presence in our individual lives, in our community, and in our world. Together we seek to share relevant worship experiences, to encourage spiritual growth, and to nurture our faith in God. We are determined to grow in our knowledge of God and in our vision of God’s will for us, hoping thereby, to find the strength to sustain us for living our lives in a Christ like manner.